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Kajo Park 20140420-24 by hatake_s on Flickr.
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city of river by kasa51 on Flickr.

Have a Happy Easter, everyone!

I’m celebrating both Easter and my mother’s birthday today, so I hope your day will be as full of love and happiness as mine! May the Easter bunny bring you love and make all your dreams come true this year <3 Don’t forget that I love all you!

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桜 by kumofm on Flickr.
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Street of Springtime Kamakura by maida0922 on Flickr.
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八重桜 059 by tomohiro_moteki on Flickr.
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sakura2014 by Hisa-nori on Flickr.
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Cherry Blossoms (Japanese Cherry) / 桜花(ヤマザクラ) by Dakiny on Flickr.

Japan virtual star Hatsune Miku is going to join Lady Gaga on tour

Hatsune Miku, a computer-generated Japanese pop star who performs as a hologram, is to support some of Lady Gaga’s tour of North America next month, the U.S. songstress has announced on Twitter.

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Carp Streamer / 鯉のぼり, Carp Banner by Dakiny on Flickr.
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儚きシロヤマザクラ by kanphotolive on Flickr.
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さくら by hisaunun on Flickr.
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&#8230; and cherry blossom 桜と… by Yoozigen on Flickr.
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京都 産寧坂(三年坂) by polarstar02 on Flickr.