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Free hugs here!

Anybody in need (cause I sure as hell do)?

42 notes - 7 January, 2012

Tagged: ileftmyheartintokyo

  1. bathemeinroses answered: whatever you need help in, you can always drop and hit me up in my ask :)
  2. thejapanblog answered: I am!
  3. hyniora answered: (>ˆwˆ)> here, I can give you lots of hugs≈
  4. iamatokyodreamer answered: Mee! Me!!!! i want a hug!… but i think i live too far from you :(((
  5. chibiliciouslove answered: *exchanging hugs* <3 :’D
  6. bersford answered: There are not enough hugs in the world and a hug can make all the difference. *big hug*
  7. decomposion answered: i’m always in need of a hug *opens arms*
  8. theninthtrack answered: I need a hug :( not a thing is going right and I’m just so exhausted from this life.
  9. kuroyuki answered: *hug Nnena*
  10. noirceurxlover answered: I’m huggin’ you from Poland <3333
  11. hecallsmeangell answered: hug!
  12. haiironoaki answered: *hug* :)
  13. merank0rii answered: *hugs you*
  14. himawarichild answered: *hugs*
  15. starshapedclouds said: !!!!!!!!!I WANT A HUG!:’D
  16. cosmicbakemono answered: I do! *hugs*
  17. chloranthy answered: i am :<
  18. hanaro answered: *hug* :3
  19. cello1119cc answered: hugs^^
  20. blablablablablablaa answered: -hugs-
  21. koorikaze answered: Hugs are always needed :) -HUG - ^.^
  22. radiantpeaces answered: I do, I’ve been crying ;___; hugs please , I
  23. kitoru answered: //HUGS!
  24. worthlessfellow answered: -glomps- hug tight- <333
  25. haveamidnightsnack answered: *hugs*
  26. strawberry-chan answered: *hug hug hug hug hug
  27. bridgeemonsterr answered: *Glomphugclings* I do!
  28. ileftmyheartintokyo posted this