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Personal Hiatus :(

As some of you may know, I’m leaving for a while today. I’m going to Rome with my mother :) Even though it’s a four star hotel, they don’t have free wifi, they don’t even have wifi to begin with only that stupid cable which costs 18 euro per 24 hours which is way to expensive for how much I’d use it. Therefore, you’re not going to have to scroll past my annoying personal posts this week :) I’ve filled up my queue though, 300 photos, so my blog won’t be on a general hiatus, just on a personal one (joy for many~) 

So, dear followers, please take care of you while I’m gone :) And don’t forget me~

38 notes - 10 January, 2012

Tagged: ileftmyheartintokyo

  1. iheartmycity said: have fun :D
  2. iwanttoseehell said: Have fun. n3n
  3. jonginspuppydick said: ah you’re coming in italy? ^^ have a nice holiday here :D
  4. kuroyuki said: Have a lot of fun in Rome, lovely Nnena. And take some nice pictures there :)
  5. chuntastic said: naaaaa have fuuuun ! :3
  6. sakuragirrl said: Hope you have a lovely time!
  7. melty-bunny said: Have a good time!
  8. uglyskank-withfriends said: have an awesome time!! Take lots of cool photos! I expect to see some whence you return
  9. pnko said: bye bb :) have a good time!
  10. cherrygeri said: have fun in Rome! ^O^