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Anonymous: Did you go to Akihabara?

Yes I did! It was amazing <3

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Anonymous: I love your blog 😋

Thank youuu <3 

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Anonymous: Are all the photos on your blog from Tokyo or at they from Japan in general? Can't find your FAQ on mobile to see if you've already answered this question, sorry.

They are from Japan and sometimes if I see something beautiful from Korea or other asian countries I post from there too, but that’s not very often! :) 

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Anonymous: I'm in a class that we read short stories in Japanese. I don't know how to learn the word meanings and how to read the kanji without flashcards (we don't have to know how to write them), but there's too many for flashcards! It would take too much time to make them, and then more time afterwards to study them. I'm trying to figure out how to best study for this class; do you have any advice? I'll ask the teacher as well but other input would be great too. Thanks!

I am so sorry, but regarding kanji I have no advice on how to make it easier to study them. They’re a lot, a lot of them are difficult, the only way I could remember them was by writing them down a million times. Does anyone have better advice? 

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Anonymous: How do you think one should react when you get harrassed on the train? Until now it never happened to me since I guess I look like a badass foreigner, but I'd like to be prepared...just in case.

Usually I don’t appreciate violence and would never use it, but in this case, if someone dared to sexually harass me, I’d give him a kick in the balls the asshole would never forget. Then I think you should alert the authorities so he gets punished legally also. 

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Anonymous: Hi! I only recently came across your blog. And I love it! So natsukashii for me. I'm always smiling when I'm here. So I just wanted to say thank you :)

Thank you very very much! <3 

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Anonymous: Hi yes I just wanted to say that your blog is lovely

So are you! Thank you <33

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Anonymous: Hi! What's your advices for getting high marks on exams etc? For example, aiming to be one of the top students to get in to a university with the education you wish. (Except for studying hard and never give up). :)

I’ve never been a top student because the educational system in my country is quite sucky, but before my final exams, which mattered for my Uni entrance I somehow motivated myself and scored 100% on all of them. I think my advice is to combine doing what you like with studying, so as to somehow keep yourself motivated. Assign yourself a few studying tasks for the day and when you’re done treat yourself. Don’t feel scared or desperate if in some days the studying just doesn’t go smoothly, I’ve had days myself in which I just couldn’t concentrate. Try to treat yourself first and then go back to studying. 

Also, the most important thing I learned is to start studying in advance. Have an exam next month? Start reading now. It’s so much easier in the last few days before it if you’ve already gone through everything you needed to learn a couple of times and all you need to do is make sure it really sunk in. 

So as to avoid procrastination, I recommend going to the library to study every day. It’s so much harder to slack off with no distractions, with everyone studying around you, your only choice is to study yourself. 

Hope this helps!

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Anonymous: I am travelling to Japan later in the year and I was wondering if you knew how to purchase tickets for a concert at the Tokyo Dome?

I’m sorry, I don’t know, never been to one. Do any of you, lovely followers? 

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Anonymous: /post/93472765502/ sorry is this marijuana..

This is a Japanese maple tree :’D

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Anonymous: I just discovered the Japan facts page so thank you THANK YOU :')

You’re very welcome! 

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Anonymous: honestly, best tumblr ever, thank you for your amazing job

Thank you so much ;~; !!

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Anonymous: Your make up is STUNNING.

Thank you! <3 

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Anonymous: I think they're trying to say you seem fake on the photo just to win.

That was my look for my prom :’D The contest didn’t even exist at the time I took it…

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Anonymous: I'm going to be really honest with why I didn't vote for you on FB just now. I was going to, but I didn't. It's not that I don't think you're beautiful on the inside, but you're not my kind of beautiful on the outside. Not in that photograph anyhow. I'd've voted for you if the you that (I suspect/think) is on the inside was the on FB asking for hair tools, but she's not, and I can't endorse that. Sorry.

So I’m supposed to change my outer appearance that is pretty clearly a reflection of my personality and tastes into something else because that’s not what you pictured me like? I think I get what you’re trying to say but I really don’t get the point of it…

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