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Anonymous: I have to poop

Do you need a friend? I mean I’m always here if you want to talk but this is just weird :\

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Anonymous: i really, really love your tumblr! everything's so lovely and all your posts are so amazing! ;u; the music playing on your blog is so, so pretty!

I really, really thank you, haha :D But why go anon for such a nice message? 

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Anonymous: Don't you worry, your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine and life makes love look hard. but you are specia :> Ignore all hate messages, because this love is ours

Oh my god, this is one of the sweetest messages I’ve ever received! Thank you!

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Anonymous: Personally I still find your blog beautiful. :)

Thank you! It really means a lot to me especially since I feel a lot better just posting everything I feel like and not feeling like I have to please anyone or raise to any standard :) So thanks! <3

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Anonymous: I wish you the best with your blog, I've enjoyed my time following you. I'll be straight with you, what you're doing currently doesn't interest me anymore. I liked the Japanese theme, it made your blog very distinct, but now it just seems a bit bland and average. It's your blog though, so do what you like, just thought I'd pass on the message of why I'm leaving. Thanks for everything.

Thank you and I’m sorry if I let you down :) Live a happy life! <3

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Anonymous: Since you asked for anons opinion. I think you need to stop bitching about how hard your life is. I know people going through harder stuff and have to do more than do what your followers want on tumblr.

Oh, how I love it when complete strangers act as if they know what’s going on in my life… I am well aware there are thousands of people going through a lot worse than I am, but just because their pain is greater doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to express mine…Saying I’m not allowed to be sad because other have it worse is just like saying I can’t be happy because there are people a lot luckier than I am… I’m really sorry if I come out rude or obnoxious, but please, please stop acting like you know me when you don’t…

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Anonymous: What happened over the summer that changed your feelings toward Japan? This sounds so sad. :(

A lot of stuff that made me grow up and change, I guess… 

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Anonymous: Do you still have the passion for Japan as you used to?

I don’t know…I’m still melancholic when thinking about the time I’ve spent in Japan, but I’m not sure I want to move there anymore. Up until three months ago I had evrything planned, I knew exactly what I wanted. This summer really changed a lot in me, I know nothing for sure anymore.

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Anonymous: What kind of Music do you listen to ? ? ?

Indie and alternative :) Here’s my last fm if you want to know more

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Anonymous: will you continue to post mainly japan related pictures?

I doubt it will be mainly, but I’ll continue to post Japan related pictures :)

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Anonymous: In a music playlist, do you put title or singer first?

Singer :) 

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Anonymous: did you think youre pregnant? :0

Not really, health issues :) 

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Anonymous: omg you live in romania! where you live, does the strigoi play an importance there? i want to visit romania badly

I live in Cluj-Napoca :) Nope, it doesn’t…

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Anonymous: have you ever kissed a girl ? 8DD

I’ve kissed more girls than guys, actually :’D

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Anonymous: have you ever attended a concert?

Of course! I love concerts :) 

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