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Anonymous: I am travelling to Japan later in the year and I was wondering if you knew how to purchase tickets for a concert at the Tokyo Dome?

I’m sorry, I don’t know, never been to one. Do any of you, lovely followers? 

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Anonymous: /post/93472765502/ sorry is this marijuana..

This is a Japanese maple tree :’D

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Anonymous: I just discovered the Japan facts page so thank you THANK YOU :')

You’re very welcome! 

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Anonymous: honestly, best tumblr ever, thank you for your amazing job

Thank you so much ;~; !!

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Anonymous: Your make up is STUNNING.

Thank you! <3 

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Anonymous: I think they're trying to say you seem fake on the photo just to win.

That was my look for my prom :’D The contest didn’t even exist at the time I took it…

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Anonymous: I'm going to be really honest with why I didn't vote for you on FB just now. I was going to, but I didn't. It's not that I don't think you're beautiful on the inside, but you're not my kind of beautiful on the outside. Not in that photograph anyhow. I'd've voted for you if the you that (I suspect/think) is on the inside was the on FB asking for hair tools, but she's not, and I can't endorse that. Sorry.

So I’m supposed to change my outer appearance that is pretty clearly a reflection of my personality and tastes into something else because that’s not what you pictured me like? I think I get what you’re trying to say but I really don’t get the point of it…

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Anonymous: I love your blog and you are incredible and the way you deal with anons is flawless. Go you love :)

Gigglesnort. Thank you! <33

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Anonymous: Wow, I can't believe how rude some people are being. Anons, I know that having a life is a foreign concept to you, but for us normal people, real life always comes before online life and pleasing your bitchy ass is not high on our priority list. kthxbye

Ahahahaha well said, very well said! Thanks for the support! 

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Anonymous: If I wanted to see someone whine and bitch, I'd follow another blog. Get back to posting. That's all we care about

Please do! People like you don’t deserve the beauty I share. 

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Anonymous: You're full bs, "keeping a blog" seems to be like work to you. How about doing some original content? Try work on that and keep it on a daily basis.

I have done original work, unfortunately I do not live in Japan so I can’t do it daily, because if I could, I would :) I have another blog too that’s 100% original content and before having to focus on my studies I did post almost daily. So please don’t judge me before getting your facts straight :) 

Also, believe it or not, finding 50 photos to post daily, along with interesting news, stories and facts (as I used to) takes a lot of time and yes, sometimes when you had a bad day and all you want is to crawl up in bed and sleep, it does feel like work. 

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Anonymous: Stop fucking whining and get back posting already

Please keep in mind that I am no robot and I don’t get paid to run this blog so as to please everyone. This is my personal blog and I have all the right to whine on it. You should appreciate that even though I have a series of exams that basically decide my future next week and I’m going through some really shitty patches both in my love and family life I’m still doing my best to keep this blog active and post almost every day. 

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Anonymous: Aww what's wrong? :(

For the past month I’ve done nothing but study for my exams next week and honestly I feel like I wasted a month of my life, neglected both blogs and generally had little to no time to enjoy and do what I love doing. The stress is killing me, I gained a shitton of weight, I’m losing fistfuls of hair and to make everything better my lover’s parents made him drop out of Uni and forced moved him to his hometown today and I didn’t even get to say goodbye. 

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Anonymous: I'd love to see more Tokyo fashion and more Japanese food too please? Love your blog!

Sure, I’ll do my best to add more! I have three exams next week but after that I promise I’ll add a lot of exciting things to the blog! <33

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Anonymous: theres another blog (leftmyheartinjapan) and she uses ur pictures on her blog.

I appreciate your concern, but she just reblogs the pictures I post :) No need to worry! 

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