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“Women who attract chikan, and women who don’t”: The illustrated guide that’s provoking debate


Chikan: men who grope women in public in Japan. Also refers to the act itself.

An illustrator who posted a cartoon claiming to show the difference between those who easily attract sexual harassment or assault and those who don’t has, as you might expect, sparked a heated debate in online and offline communities. Critics assert that focusing on a woman’s appearance and clothing amount to blaming the victim, not the attacker. The artist on the other hand says the work is based on statistical evidence. But no matter which side of the debate you stand, the illustration itself is worth a second look…

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Japan Fact: When you use the restroom in someone’s home you may need to put on designated bathroom slippers so as not to contaminate the rest of the home.

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Japan Fact: Never stick your chopsticks upright in your rice. That is only done when food is offered to the dead. When it is not an offering it’s considered a bad omen.

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Japan Fact: Japan hosted the 1964 Summer Olympic games in Tokyo and will again in 2020. They also hosted the 1972 and 1998 Winter Olympic Games in Sapporo and Nagano, respectively.

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Japan Fact: The only Japanese who survived the Titanic, Masabumi Hosono, lost his job because he was known as a coward in Japan for not dying with the other passengers.

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Japan Fact: Animated Japanese films and television shows (.i.e.: Anime) account for 60% of the world’s animation-based entertainment. So successful is animation in Japan, that there are almost 130 voice-acting schools in the country.

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Japan Fact: Square Watermelons are grown by japanese farmers for easier stack and store.

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Japan Fact: The World’s Oldest Company operated in Japan from 578 AD to 2006.

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Japan fact: Most restaurants have their food dishes (made out of plastic) displayed in their windows.

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Japan Facts: To avoid spreading viruses, when they’re sick Japanese people wear surgical masks.

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Japan Fact: A cat cafe is a place where cats roam around and customers are allowed to play with them.

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Japan Fact: Japanese people love dogs and there are dog rental services so even if you don’t have time for actually having a dog, you can enjoy one’s company for a few hours or days.

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Japan Fact: Coffee is very popular and Japan imports approximately 85% of Jamaica’s annual coffee production.

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Japan Fact: There are four different writing systems in Japan, romaji, katakana, hiragana, and kanji.

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